Lorely Ridge


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  1. DBE EMBLEM NOTECARDS (6) - with envelopes $5.00
  2. DBE CHRISTMAS CARDS (6) Emblem in full color with English robin redbreast and snow with envelopes $5.00
  3. DBE BUSINESS CARDS w/emblem in full color With individual name and address, With or without Chapter name $4.00/50 card $8.00/100 cards
  4. DBE ADDRESS LABELS, emblem in full color 1" X 25/8" white labels (30 per sheet) $1.30/sheet $15.60/12 sheets
  5. CROSS STITCH PATTERN OF DBE LOGO - includes graphic coded pattern, suggested DMC Floss for use on AIDA 18, 16, 14, or 12 (specify size on order $4.00

Claire Fairclough

  1. 'TEATIME' - a small recipe booklet 81/2 x 51/2 $5.00

Hilary Leonard


           2. Thank You, Friendship, Valentine


           2. Happy Easter, Happy Birthday   

  1. ALL PURPOSE GENERIC CARDS w/envelopes. DBE logo on front, Anglo American hymn and map on back $5.00/5 cards $10.00/10 cards
  2. Hand-made d├ęcoupage seasonal cards w/envelopes $2.50 each free mailing; 5 for $10 + appropriate postage. Some examples above.
  3. Bracelets $10 each, Swarowski crystals & pearls, Murano glass, semi-precious stones (amethyst, jade, etc.), Bali silver/sterling/gold-filled separators. Postage costs according to number of bracelets ordered.  Two examples above (sold MORE PHOTOS TO COME).
  4. SCRUMPTIOUS SELECTIONS FROM SANDRINGHAM  a cookbook collection of favourite recipes by the Members and Friends of Sandringham Chapter. $10 plus appropriate postage.

Marion Ogle

  • MAGNETIC NAME TAGS made to order Blue w/white lettering, tri-color ribbon US/UK flags pin $12.50